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What is true magic clothing


Magical clothing is a term that may seem abstract and absurd to some people. Meanwhile, magic clothing accompanies us more or less every day, although we usually do not realize it.

In this article, I will introduce you to the common occurrence of “magic clothing” as well as some techniques that we use to create our own magical robes, which of course through a conscious and planned process have much more magical energy than accidentally created artifacts.

Each of us in life has or had some favorite clothes – something in which we feel comfortable and have some ideas associated with this particular element of our outfit. For example, a leather jacket, which we wear with pleasure, because we associate with the figure of Indiana Jones and when we put it on ourselves a little more we feel like such Indiana Jones. We have a positive association with the character we like, which makes us identify ourselves with this image and the features it represents.

Some people also have “lucky objects”. For example, ” lucky tie” or another piece of clothing. Through a series of events, at some point, the association was established that the given item of clothing brings us luck. Even if it is not an objective fact, for us it has a positive psychological impact, which makes it feel better and more confident.

A commonly existing example of magical robes that we usually do not realize is the robes of priests of different religions and even the uniforms’ of uniformed services. In most cases, they don’t have physical practical function – they do not have, for example, masking qualities or they do not provide exceptional convenience of moving around in them. However, they have a different key function – they communicate in a visual way the ideas (energies) they represent, and the wearers have to give a sense of belonging and authorization to dispose of power greater than themselves.

The priest’s robes as well as any uniformed services are usually to symbolize the authority – that’s why appropriate cuts and colors, for example black or navy blue color, are to symbolize other ideas and features that are symbolically included in a given outfit by choosing the appropriate symbolism.

Another more prosaic example is a gift from someone or just any item of clothing that for one reason or another has an emotional meaning for us and we associate it well.

We can call such objects magical in the sense that they are associated with a useful mental construct and useful emotional associations. As is generally known from the basics of psychology – what we associate well is also good for our body and mind.

What’s more, this is the element of the subconscious’s influence. The subconscious for man is a kind of information field constantly present in the background that maintains constant interaction with what surrounds us. Even if we consciously stop thinking about the fact that a given element of clothing has such and such a positive meaning for us and raises certain associations – it is at the subconscious level that we constantly remember that. As a result, wearing this type of clothing without even thinking about it – we are constantly supported by a positive association that generates for us beneficial energies and reactions that release subconsciously more self-confidence, a sense of security, power, positive attitude and faith in the success of our action.

Above, I have presented how a common phenomenon is the unknowing creation of what we can call magic clothing – that is, clothing which has been given specific mental (energy) attributes and associations that work in a desirable way for the owner who wears them.

Of course, not counting the priestly robes, which depending on the circumstances may have slightly greater or lesser “magical” properties (however, there is the problem of enormous power of beliefs and associations of people standing in opposition to these religions, which however would require to discuss a separate article) – the majority of unconsciously “magical robes” have a negligible magical influence.

Most of them are not created with a clear intention, expressed by the Will of the Magician and using the conscious orientation of the Force that could give them a truly powerful magical influence.

That is why a series of True Magic clothing was created, in which the process of enchantment takes place in a planned and purposeful manner, thanks to which our clothing has a strong, positive magical energy.

Creating the true magic clothing.

For true magic clothing to be created, a number of conditions must be met which determine the quality and power of magical clothing.

This process begins with the design of a magic symbol.

We start with choosing which intent and action to represent the graphic and magical symbol. For example, our t-shirts “Archangels are with me” are meant to evoke the beneficial support of four archangels: Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Rafael.

For this purpose, we use both known archangels symbols as well as other elements of magical symbolism compatible and matching the energy of the created spell. These are both universal symbols like the circle often used in magic, as well as the more complex so-called “sacred geometry”. In this way, a larger symbol is created in the intended manner, which represents in a graphical, geometric and magical way a specific idea. I will write a separate article about the energy of shape here in the future. Suffice it to say, however, that the shape of the symbol itself also has an energetical (magical) effect due to the energy emanating from it.

The next step, which in fact already takes place during the graphic design itself, is to pour into the symbol of a clear magical intention and energy. This is the most esoteric element of the process and at the same time has a huge impact on whether the clothes with the magic symbol will have a strong magical impact. The power of this influence depends on the person who “imprints” this intention and energy in to symbol and the magical clothes. It is a matter of many years of practice about which too much to write here, but it comes down to the fact that for a truly magical object to arise – the person who creates it must be able to focus his or her will and magical energy in such a way as to push the idea and influence into the object.

In this case, it is the intention also expressed visually in the graphics of symbols and the name of the object. In other words, we adjure objects not only by creating a graphic symbol but by intentional activation of its energy and influence. So this is a fundamental difference and the reason why not every human being is able to create a truly magical object – because hardly anyone has the consciousness and power, that allows to direct the magical energy to create a specific positive influence.

True Magic clothing is therefore professionally created magic artefacts in which energy with beneficial effects is enchanted.

To complete this process and make it easier for the person to whom our clothing gets using the energy of the spell – we attach a special affirmation activating the spell’s power on the card.

From a more psychological point of view, one could say that graphics, affirmation and intention direct the mind to positive action, giving the subconscious a positive association pattern that allows activating its beneficial action.

In conclusion – You now know what magical objects are in reality – including magic clothing. We constantly use it and create it sometimes even without knowing it. But the truly powerful magical artifacts are those that have been deliberately designed for this purpose and filled with Power with the right intention by a person with relevant experience.

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