Home product Women’s tank-top: “Tree of Life” (turquoise and shiny silver)

Women’s tank-top: “Tree of Life” (turquoise and shiny silver)

Women’s tank-top: “Tree of Life” (turquoise and shiny silver)



Women’s tank top shirt in turquoise with a silver shimmering pattern.
T-shirt fitted, very comfortable, 100% cotton, trimmed with piping, very solid and well-presented. 🙂

The tree is one of the oldest symbols of life, rebirth and age wisdom present in cultures around the world.

In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree, also known as the Tree of Worlds, is the basis of existence and it is the worlds of both gods and people. It permeates all reality, means the basis and strength of life that flourishes to the monumental dimensions of the entire universe.

In the upper Christian Tree of Life was located in the mythical garden of Eden next to the tree of “knowledge of good and evil” and its fruits were to ensure immortality.

Most cultures from around the world recognized the tree as a universal symbol of stability, vitality and growth on a scale often exceeding human life, and thus associated the tree with age-old modesty and vital force greater than human. This naturally made the tree today a universal symbol rooted in the collective consciousness and subconscious mind of the entire human species. Reaching for this symbol evokes life energy, wisdom and growth, giving stability and vitality.

To each T-shirt we add a card with a specially prepared activation spell that activates the full potential of the magic symbol on the T-shirt.

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