Home product Women’s tank-top: “Soul Reactor” (gray melange and shiny silver)

Women’s tank-top: “Soul Reactor” (gray melange and shiny silver)

Women’s tank-top: “Soul Reactor” (gray melange and shiny silver)



Women’s tank top in heather gray with a shiny silver pattern.

Soul Reactor is a design that was inspired by the magical meaning of the digit three, and a more technological interpretation of working with energy and reaching for the personal spiritual source of power in your soul.

The symbol evokes and focuses energy from space to give its user additional strength. It is also a pattern that shows that the technical side of reality, based on technology and mathematics, also has a lot of magic and mystical power if we want to see and use it.

The pattern refers to the magical meaning of the number three.
Three is a digit whose magical and mystical presence can be seen in many cultures around the world. The spells were usually repeated three times to give them power and emphasize the importance of words. In Christian beliefs, there is the concept of the Holy Trinity or divinity expressed in three aspects. The three are also three basic aspects of a human being: Body, Mind and Spirit (soul).

In the center of the symbol, the circle symbolizes the original, spiritual Source of reality – your personal source from which you can constantly draw life-giving power and inspiration.
Additional elements inscribed in the symbol have a supporting and stabilizing function.
Soul Reactor is a lens that helps you focus your own power and energy in both physical and spiritual dimensions.

To each T-shirt we add a card with a specially prepared activation spell that activates the full potential of the magic symbol on the T-shirt.

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