Home product Women’s T-shirt: “Power of Ra” (black and shiny gold)

Women’s T-shirt: “Power of Ra” (black and shiny gold)

Women’s T-shirt: “Power of Ra” (black and shiny gold)



Black, women’s t-shirt with a shiny golden pattern.

Power of Ra” is a pattern evoking the energy and symbolism of ancient Egypt and the Divine Power of the solar creature Ra. In a broader sense, it represents the energy of the universal Source and the strengthening power of the threefold balance.
Ra as the sun god symbolizes the Center, Source, Life-giving Energy etc.
The circle inscribed in the center visible above the smallest of the triangles can be read as the Sun (Ra) towering over the pyramid. It is also the mystical center, the fullness and harmony of the original spiritual source, surrounded by the trio of creation. Three is a magical number often used to emphasize power, give power, or symbolize the three main aspects of reality constituting the whole. An equilateral triangle is also a symbol of perfection. The three triangles in the symbol – symbolize successively from the smallest: conscious mind in harmony, over-conscious mind, and the last shrouded mystery of what in the unconscious mind of the universe is still waiting to be discovered. Together, all three aspects symbolize awareness growth and exploration potential.

To each T-shirt we add a card with a specially prepared activation spell that activates the full potential of the magic symbol on the T-shirt.

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