Home product Women’s T-shirt: “Heart of Magic” (burgundy and shiny gold)

Women’s T-shirt: “Heart of Magic” (burgundy and shiny gold)

Women’s T-shirt: “Heart of Magic” (burgundy and shiny gold)



Women’s short-sleeved shirt in burgundy color with a shiny golden pattern.
T-shirt fitted, very comfortable, 100% cotton, trimmed with piping, very solid and well-presented. 🙂

The Heart of Magic is a symbol that combines two concepts: Love and Magic, indicating the creative relationship of both.

Love itself is “magic”, as many poets say, and magic can and should flow from love. White magic is a creative process flowing directly from our heart.

The Heart of Magic symbol contains the most universal positive symbols of magic and love. The white pentagram inscribed in it is a strong protective symbol in magic, also representing the balance of five elements: air, water, fire, earth and the fifth element, i.e. the spiritual element.
The surrounding circle is the second of the most common and powerful symbols in magic evoking protection and symbolizing the personal space of a practitioner.
The heart symbol naturally means Love.
Together they create a positive message of love and magic going hand in hand, present in a creative, loving and creative person with a magical passion.

To each T-shirt we add a card with a specially prepared activation spell that activates the full potential of the magic symbol on the T-shirt.

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