Home product Men’s T-shirt: “Fehu – wealth and abundance” (black and shiny gold)

Men’s T-shirt: “Fehu – wealth and abundance” (black and shiny gold)

Men’s T-shirt: “Fehu – wealth and abundance” (black and shiny gold)



Black, men’s t-shirt with a shiny golden pattern.

Fehu is a Nordic rune that, thanks to its enchanted power, attracts happiness, wealth and abundance.
Our pattern based on Fehu is completely filled with its energy, both thanks to the large fleece in the center and the runes inscribed in the surrounding circle. Thanks to this, the Fehu energy is a factorial and the pattern looks very aesthetic.

Norse runes are one of the most magical alphabets in the world. Each of the runes represents a specific symbolic meaning and emanates energy felt especially for sensitive people.
Runes are not only a type of writing in the classic sense of the word, but first and foremost a kind of transmission of all ideas and energies that create these ideas.
Runes were used and are still used for divination, and they have been decorated with various personal items and households to attract the energy they represent.

Fehu’s rune is a symbol of prosperity, prosperity and abundance. Symbolizes and attracts wealth, prosperity etc.

Symbolically, Fehu represents a grain of grain associated with abundance and a flame that gives heat, which is why it radiates warm positive energy, attracting abundance, abundance and success to its owner.

Fehu is the most positive and warm fleece that invites happiness and prosperity with its energy.

To each T-shirt we add a card with a specially prepared activation spell that activates the full potential of the magic symbol on the T-shirt.

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