Home product Men’s T-shirt: “Archangels are with me” (black and shiny silver)

Men’s T-shirt: “Archangels are with me” (black and shiny silver)

Men’s T-shirt: “Archangels are with me” (black and shiny silver)



The t-shirt has an affirmation integrated into central symbol that evokes the protective angelic energy and the archangels support for the person.
Affirmation: “Powerful Archangels of Light Are With Me”

On the Four Orbs around the main symbol are symbols of four Archangels arranged according to the directions of the world. If you look at the symbolism from the perspective of the assumed shirt looking down and placing yourself in the center of the symbol – which reflects finding yourself in the center between the four directions of the world.
At the bottom you can see the direction of the north and the symbol of Archangel Uriel, at the top, that is, the symbol of Archangel Michael, on the left representing the west symbol of Archangel Gabriel and on the right representing the east symbol of Archangel Raphael.

Archetypes of archangels and their meaning:

Archangel Uriel – Guardian of the north and the element of the Earth.
The Archangel Uriel carries the Divine Light, which illuminates the human path. The powerful power of the Divine Light protects and indicates new possibilities.

Archangel Michael – the guardian of the south and the element of Fire.
Archangel Michael is the personification of strength, protection and justice, the commander of the angelic hosts and the defender of humanity.

Archangel Gabriel – guard of the West and the element of Water.
Archangel Gabriel opens for good news and helps to see the truth and to pursue natural talents.

Archangel Rafael – guard of the East and the Air element.
Archangel Rafael brings me harmony, perfect health, energy of balance, peace and strength and knowledge how to help me.

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