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Esoteric Art is a concept by which we define varieties of art that contain an esoteric message, also known as secret knowledge.

In practice, esoteric art refers to the conclusion in the form of a message, either visual or sometimes sound – symbolism describing philosophical and metaphysical issues – means that describe spiritual and magical reality. Elements of esoteric art often contain in themselves power through the symbols used.

In this article, I will tell you a little about esoteric art in practice and where it is encountered and what it has been and has been used for over the centuries.

Esoteric Art, or secret knowledge hidden in view

From the dawn of history humanity has both outstanding individuals endowed with above-average knowledge, intellect as well as spiritual insight – often going beyond the abilities of understanding the average man – as well as many impetuous individuals controlled by petty leaders, whether political or religious depending on the epoch and place on the map. These outstanding individuals with above-average consciousness – desirous of transmitting and, at the same time, protecting knowledge that requires above-average consciousness to understand it – often practiced hiding their message as if in a certain way – in symbols understood only by the initiate. In this way, in the form of iconography and other forms of art, ideas were often conveyed, stories were illustrated, and even instructions were formulated so that the initiate could understand the process of self-improvement and the way he should go to achieve enlightenment in a given field. For the common man from the outside, these paintings or musical pieces could only be an aesthetic curiosity, an entertainment value – but the initiated adept knowing what to look for was able to read the hidden message.

This principle was often used in painting, but also in other forms of art such as music, poetry, sculpture, architecture or dance. To this day, many secrets are still available only to the initiated but are exposed to public view.

Light-hearted people also quickly discovered the power of symbols and learned through visual art to accumulate and direct the flow of energy, arouse desirable, beneficial for human spirit energies, which through positive influence are able to support it on its path of self-improvement.

Again, as in the above case – for the uninitiated, many symbols are only a visual curiosity, but for people who are able to feel the energy flowing from them and pay attention to the symbolism and shape energy contained in them – something much more.

Esoteric Art in culture

From the beginning, art has provided inspiration. Art even in its simplest entertainment form, often makes us stop for a moment in awe and fill us with fresh energy.

The artist is often purely intuitive, unconsciously draws his inspiration from the world of energy and spirit, which makes communing with art, even in the form of entertainment, fills us with new ideas, inspires, delights, makes us think, and generally provides us with a huge portion of energy that we can positively and creatively utilize.

The entertainment value of art seems to be only a side effect of its existence and universal access to commune with art today. For when we look at the ancient and primitive cultures, we see that art was an element of the sacred sphere, that is something that was associated with the transmission of higher spiritual ideas.

From primitive paintings on the rocks of caves to full of splendid altars and temple buildings – art is present everywhere where a person tries to transmit spiritual ideas and put in motion magical forces. I described this issue in the previous article, so I will only repeat here: look at the altars in the temples, priests’ clothes, buildings – all this was created in order to arouse feelings in those people that are associated with these elements and to convey in this way the energies and ideas that through this the decor is supposed to emanate a given doctrine.

A much more interesting form of art, apart from the sacral art of the main religions, is the work of free-thinkers and people who, unhampered by imposed doctrines, used their brilliant minds to make a metaphysical message in their artistic creation. Music, painting and graphics, architecture, sculpture, dance etc. – wherever we look we have the opportunity to conclude and read lofty ideas in artistic expression. Ideas have it to themselves, that they radiate and emanate, especially if they are consciously designed and displayed consciously by art.

A brief summary of Esoteric Art

Knowledge is needed to practice esoteric art. Knowledge about the issue that one wants to communicate, about the operation of the human mind that this able to be able to properly read and assimilate the idea, even if it happens only (up) on the subconscious level. It is necessary to know the energy of shape and use of it, the meaning of symbols encoded in the collective self of humanity, etc.

However, many artists can reach for this hidden knowledge in an intuitive and subconscious way – hence the amazing and wonderful effects of creativity in people who themselves admit that they do not fully understand “where it comes from”. Most writers, painters and other artists focused on creativity describing the non-everyday reality are people who are able to intuitively read the world of spiritual energy (or, as you prefer, signals from the collective subconscious – referring to Jung) and translate them into a form of communication called art. Yes, they plan a certain outline of what they intend to create, but often the planning stage is the beginning of receiving the message on the subconscious level, and the creation process can enrich their project with elements that they did not anticipate themselves. Completely as if in a sense art was created by itself, with the mediation of the artist tuned on specific idea frequency.

Esoteric Art is, therefore, beauty and aesthetics, which can both serve us as something enriching our life from the aesthetic side, but it contains the potential to influence a much deeper level – enriching our soul.

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