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Enchanting objects and symbols


The art of enchanting objects and symbols in real magic consists in giving them the desired magical properties, i.e. a specific interaction. As usual, to describe a magical phenomenon, I will use here psychology to explain the principle of operation of an apparently abstract phenomenon.

We’ve all seen this kind of scenes in fantasy movies where enchanting is presented and we’ve probably read about it in fantasy books. But how would it work in reality?

I will give two explanations: the psychological principle and the esoteric principle.

Enchanting – psychologically

From a psychological point of view, our mind has the ability to create certain patterns, subconscious programs that it then implements.

Simply, when we decide something strongly enough, or we take on something specific belief – our mind at the subconscious level tries to confirm and implement this belief to real live. Hence the various types of books like “The Power of the Subconscious” etc.

The more our attention at a given moment is focused on the goal of action and programming the desired result – the stronger this intention will engrave in our subconscious and will be realized in the future even when we forget about it at the conscious level.

Therefore, one of the varieties of practicing magic called ceremonial consists in using a large number of various kinds of unusual props, robes and other magical devices so that the practitioner during the practice could feel different, more lofty, unusually. Being in a different environment, in other robes, using special props – we make our subconscious note the fact of the uniqueness of the moment and it is easier to acknowledge that what we want to program at this time is important, has power, and it should be done. Therefore, almost all religions use props and scenography during their ceremonies to create this supernatural atmosphere and make the person participating in the ceremony more susceptible to what these religions want to instil in it. Believers of the majority of religions, in contrast to magicians, however, participate in a passive manner in these ceremonies (despite the different gestures, what counts most is what our mind is focused on, and most people in the temples think that dinner will be broth etc.) directed by someone else – instead of independently and consciously using the possibilities of programming your mind adequately to your own needs and not others.

At the psychological level, enchantment is a process in which by concentrating attention and intentions – often with the use of additional props supporting this process – although not necessarily with their use – a person programs a certain intention anchoring it to an object or symbol.

And now we come from simple psychology to this more mysterious part. Because how easy it is to explain the fact that you have programmed your own beliefs by giving concerts on the intent of a specific magical impact of a given object, but it turns out that other people using this object can feel this property saved in it. Here we come to Jung’s collective unconsciousness (subconscious) – assuming that humanity is connected at an outside-conscious level with a certain information field, and in fact one person’s beliefs will leave a permanent impression in this information field and can be perceived at an intuitive level by other people.

We can also pay attention to the possibility of accepting beliefs about the properties of objects that someone just described to us and by recognizing them as real – subconscious causing them to be fulfilled in our lives. One does not exclude the other, and probably both of these explanations are to some extent true.

Enchanting – esoterically

The above explanations I directed to the more skeptical people who, in contact with such subjects, are ready to assume that such things simply do not make sense and the basis for effective actions that can be described with the help of official scientific terminology.

However, to be honest, my beliefs on this subject are much wider than just this psychological approach to the issue. Although they combine these psychological elements because one does not exclude the other at all and usually works together – but these additional reasons are much more interesting and endowed with a much greater potential.

Well, there is something that we call astral space, although the name is one of many and depending on the adopted system and naming can be called a bit differently though it is still the same thing.

The astral world is a world in which thoughts and emotions take on specific shapes and become a tangible reality. All our physical reality – because we experience it and perceive it every day and so its image is in our thoughts, memories, etc. – is reflected in the astral plane. Whatever also constitutes the object of human beliefs, concentration of mind, it can take forms there and become a tangible object on this level – affecting humanity as our thoughts, ideas and feelings are not emitted only one way (outside) but the human mind it is also immersed in this information field as a receiver not only as a transmitter, so it meets to some degree with what has been found in this field and more or less subconsciously takes away these ideas by infiltrating them and treating them often as your own. (What impacts will affect us depends on what and how much we consciously choose in life and on what qualities we have “tuned”.)

Just as with dreams (which also happen on the astral plane) – images both take shape and with time, if not supported by the attention, beliefs and emotions of people – they dissipate like smoke illusion.

Of course, it also works at the level of the community, so if a group of people believes in a specific thing and performs on it – they jointly feed and add the power of their beliefs to the object on which they give their attention.

The subject of the astral world is itself a vast area and can not be described in depth here. It is crucial for us to understand that beliefs can acquire a tangible form that can, under certain circumstances, take place independently of our concentration or lack of it and can constantly affect us. This is how the enchantment at the astral level works: giving by convincing a property that is associated with a given object or symbol, in such a way that regardless of whether we think about it or not – this property will remain and will continue to fulfill its function.

For the purpose of purposefully programming specific properties so that the power of impact is clear and strong – it is done in a complex way – at least from the technical side – although with some skill, some complex actions are no longer needed. As a curiosity, however, I will describe here one of the possibilities of carrying out such a enchantment process:

In order for the spell to work constantly and not extinguish with time, just as our imaginations expires, we cease to sustain – the enchantment process must involve in the first place the programming of the source from which the spell will constantly draw its power. Typically, for this purpose, the power of the elements, some magical symbols representing energy and emanating from it, and also what is probably one of the most natural and powerful methods – archetypical, basic symbols associated with our reality.

I wrote about the importance of shape energy in another article, so I refer there for a more in-depth understanding of this issue.

Speaking of basic archetypical symbols, I mean shapes that symbolically represent at the level of the collective psyche of humanity certain ideas such as “Source”, which represents the ever-emerging emanation of creative, life-giving energy that creates our reality, and which can sometimes be visualized as a symbol feminine or circle (symbol of birth, safety, etc.). On a more material level, it can be a solar symbol, meaning the Sun, but in the symbolic layer it connects with a whole lot of powerful symbols of solar deities etc.

It is a whole lot of symbols, which I would like to only slightly signal here, because each individual in my opinion should discover these natural connections of symbolism if you want to use them effectively. The more something naturally comes to us in our associations, the better for us works with such sets of symbols.

In any case, the magic symbol should have a source of its power based on symbolism, which emanates this power in a natural way.

And here, depending on what properties we enchant in an object or a sigil (symbol) – as we want it to work – we use symbolically chosen for this purpose. If we want to invoke angelic powers, then we use angelic symbols and concepts that are associated with this power at the symbolic, ideological level, etc.

Certain symbols associated with specific ideas – attract the power of these ideas, bringing reality into motion at the spiritual level and, consequently, also at the material level.

Speaking more vividly – using the right symbol emanating the desired energy – we can begin to attract to our reality the quality represented by this symbol. Simply put: Similar attracts similar.

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