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Esoteric Art

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Esoteric Art is a concept by which we define varieties of art that contain an esoteric message, also known as secret knowledge. In practice, esoteric art refers to the conclusion in the form of a message, either visual or sometimes sound – symbolism describing philosophical and metaphysical issues – means that describe spiritual and magical […]

Enchanting objects and symbols

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The art of enchanting objects and symbols in real magic consists in giving them the desired magical properties, i.e. a specific interaction. As usual, to describe a magical phenomenon, I will use here psychology to explain the principle of operation of an apparently abstract phenomenon. We’ve all seen this kind of scenes in fantasy movies […]

Applied art

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Applied art is a concept that means the effect of artistic action, combining artistic (aesthetic) elements with practical application in everyday objects. A manifestation of applied art can be, for example, the creation of artistic tableware, artistic made furniture or other elements of everyday use, which the creator gives aesthetic qualities. Applied art through its […]

About Energy of Shape

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To understand the basics of working of the magical symbols, one should understand the principle of the Shape Energy radiation. Again in this article, we will face an issue that is seemingly abstract and yet very tangible and practical. The energy of shape is the basis for a large part of magical actions and finds […]

What is true magic clothing

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Magical clothing is a term that may seem abstract and absurd to some people. Meanwhile, magic clothing accompanies us more or less every day, although we usually do not realize it. In this article, I will introduce you to the common occurrence of “magic clothing” as well as some techniques that we use to create […]
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