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Applied art is a concept that means the effect of artistic action, combining artistic (aesthetic) elements with practical application in everyday objects. A manifestation of applied art can be, for example, the creation of artistic tableware, artistic made furniture or other elements of everyday use, which the creator gives aesthetic qualities.

Applied art through its aesthetics can also express philosophical / spiritual ideas. In this way, the object of everyday use can express something much deeper and give the user a sense of communing with these lofty aspects and values.

Applied art has accompanied man since the dawn of history and has always been a manifestation of raising social status, but also a manifestation that often reflects a colorful and above-average personality.

While some people focus only on the pragmatic aspects of the objects they use and are content only with their practical function – others, through their own inner development, thanks to their sensitivity to beauty (the ability to see and appreciate it) – see that beauty can be present in everything – including everyday objects – and we can act ourselves in the direction of making them beautiful and endowed with additional qualities. For man is a being who notices beauty and searches for this beauty, and when he finds it, he thrives like a flower that has found itself in its own environment. Hence, the conclusion that a man needs a sense of beauty on a deeply spiritual level and when he meets with it – something starts in it, often in a noticeable way raising the sense of well-being, sense of meaning and joy of life.

Humanity has quickly found ways to make objects of everyday use more aesthetically attractive. However, not every producer cares about it equally because not every person considers aesthetics to be something important after all. Besides, not everyone has an artistic sense and the ability to create equally beautiful things. And this is also good, because otherwise everywhere around everyone would outdo each other only in creating more and more beautiful and artistically more perfect objects, which would become a trivial norm, and yes, it is more unique because of giving us a sense of its value.

We live in interesting times. The flood of information, the constant rush connected with the reservoir, the choice of material goods, which from everywhere is offered to us, has made us more and more vigilant (in any case some of us) and more consciously begin to choose from the delivery of many possibilities. In my opinion, applied art now changes the figure towards a more spiritual and at the same time close to us and practical. Once, how popular it was to surround yourself with the aforementioned expensive tableware, which people at that time showed with delight in taking guests, thus showing a sign of status and good taste for choosing the best and most beautiful things. In the past, among people who were able to afford it, was popular in homes, whose task was not only to emphasize social status but equally to suggest that you are dealing with a person sensitive to beauty. Decorative art was very exposed in the living space of the house.

Less wealthy people also clung to what is beautiful, artistically executed and so flourished all kinds of folk handicraft – producing even small items of everyday use like combs, hairpins, clothes, headgear and other items of this type – although less wealthy people often treated such items as a kind of treasure and they reached for them usually only on special occasions, or in the privacy of home, enjoying their beauty.

Today, when most of us have fulfilled basic needs and we can reach for art in virtually any quantity and artists / creators are really many – we have begun to pay attention again to the practical aspect of art and healthy minimalism. Instead of being surrounded by excess – we choose more and more often something more practical, what will actually be with us on a daily basis and what will also express our personality and will be in harmony with our sense of beauty and what I’m impressed is more and more important – spiritual values. We have discovered more in depth with the development of our civilization that art can not only express but also stimulate lofty ideas and spiritual aspects, the validity of which we are now more aware of, realizing that true spirituality is not in temples and mechanical religious gestures, but it is where we experience a conscious sense of beauty, harmony and what these exalted ideas activate in us.

That’s why I created True Magic clothing as a combination of something practical that accompanies us every day and what everyone really needs – because everyone needs clothes – with artistic and spiritual values. Today more and more of us consciously choose something more than just “nice and practical” – we want to develop and experience something at a higher spiritual level. In the rush of materialism and the ubiquitous commercialism of predatory-capitalist society, we miss the subtle, spiritual and magical. That is why we are again beginning to value handicrafts and prefer small individual producers-artists who put their heart and soul into their creations. More and more of us are able to feel the difference. We want our reality to be something more and we start to realize that if we want – we can do it – magic, richer for something more at a deeper level.

Therefore, for me, applied art is a way to support spiritual aspirations and magical interests by creating an artistic and esoteric clothing based on esoteric knowledge. Everyone needs clothes, and as it turns out, it can give the wearer the feeling of something more than just physical comfort. And this is beautiful in my opinion and worth pursuing, because it supports people on a more subtle spiritual level, allowing them to be realized better and more fully in these fascinating and noble themes.

True Magic

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