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About True Magic Clothing

True Magic Clothing is an innovative approach to combining functional art with the properties of magic talismans and artifacts.
True Magic products are the first clothes designed strictly under the account of energy properties and the positive message contained in their symbolism that activates the spiritual powers of the wearer and depending on the chosen pattern – activating specific, desirable esoteric properties.

How do you create True Magic clothes?

First, the topic and properties that the clothes supposed to have are selected. Our first design presented here bearing the name “Archangels are with me” arose around the idea of summoning the powerful protective powers of the four archangels supporting the person bearing him in every aspect of life and invoking the high-vibrational energy of the archangels.
For this purpose, in the design process we used angelic symbolism, including archangels symbols, but we also designed a special magic symbol – the so-called Sigil, a symbol in which the intention is written, and an affirmation evoking desirable properties. The whole pattern is designed under the symbolic and sacred geometry or shape energy properties, which give the final effect in the form of a ready-made magic symbol with specific properties.
During design, the pattern is also activated with energy to strengthen its specific action.

Who are the True Magic clothes for?

True Magic products are clothes with positive magic symbols. They are intended for people who prefer to consciously dress and choose positively influencing symbols and intriguing art.

Each True Magic clothes goes to the person ordering it together with a special affirmative spell written on the attached sheet. It is not necessary to use this affirmation, however, to fully activate the properties of the clothes it is good to read the activating spell several times while being focused on the intention of the written words. In this way, the owner obtains a full-fledged magic clothes, the wearing of which constantly sustains and activates the intention contained in the spell.

We currently have one pattern on which we have worked a long time. It is available in several versions, but over time there will be more products adapted to different paths of white magic and users’ needs.
Each True Magic clothes are prepared individually for the person who ordering it up and is a magical artifact dedicated for the owner.

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