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To understand the basics of working of the magical symbols, one should understand the principle of the Shape Energy radiation.

Again in this article, we will face an issue that is seemingly abstract and yet very tangible and practical. The energy of shape is the basis for a large part of magical actions and finds its support not elsewhere but in the psychology and action of the human psyche.

What is the radiation of the Energy of Shape and how it is measured.

I will start from the very end, from things seemingly the most inconceivable and difficult to explain in a rational way, to then explain the principle of their operation.

Well, the energy of shape can be measured and felt.

The energy of shape is dealt with, among other things, in the field known as Radiesthesia. Radiesthetes are able to determine the intensity of the shape’s energy, its quality, properties, etc., on the scale, using its instruments. For this purpose, radiesthesia uses such tools as pendulums or wands (not to be confused with magic wands seen on movies – it’s something else).

Sensitive people are also able to sense and describe the properties of the energy of shape being in their vicinity or through the act of concentration on a given object.

So much shocking for some facts. The energy of the shape can be measured and its properties can be described in detail, which can be beneficial to man in various ways or vice versa.

But where does the shape energy come from? This question does not seem to be asked by almost anyone, or even most people who deal with its perception and describing in this dowry – it seems to avoid this uncomfortable question.

Meanwhile, the energy of shape can be explained on the level of psychology, which, of course, also affects our whole body – hence the impact can be clearly felt and translate into real physical value.

I will describe here only one possible look at the explanation of the action of shape energy – the ones I chose because of its simplicity and the ability to explain to every even skeptical person with a materialistic attitude – the principles and legitimacy of action.

Shape Energy psychologically

From the very beginning, man lives in an environment filled with shapes. Our material reality at the most (literally) tangible level is the reality of shape.

We recognize the shape through touch and sight, and sometimes also hearing (for example in a space that gives the effect of an echo, or when walking on a specific ground and hearing its scuffling we know that it consists of sharp small stones, etc.). Shape is one of the basic information that is important to us from birth. Thanks to shape, we recognize things that are good for us and those that are dangerous to which we have to be careful because they pose a potential threat to us.

We see an apple and after its appearance we know it is an apple and we can eat it. We see a knife and we know at once that it is a sharp tool that we have to watch out for. When we see a high mountain due its shape, we know that from its peak we will have a great view but the entrance there will be demanding.

From the very beginning, man described his reality by learning the meaning of shapes, and with time he began to create symbols that were to communicate communicated ideas through a shape. This is how a picture writing was created, which through even rock paintings in caves many thousands of years ago were supposed to convey complex thoughts of significance for those people.

Over time, we learned to include and read in the symbols a lot of information and ideas.

What we do not quite realize, however, is the fact that subconsciously humanity has learned to associate even more with certain shapes representing for us at the subconscious level certain basic ideas derived from the original, the most indigenous and basic to the human psyche.

Primal Energy of Shape

Objects – including magic symbols – can be described as consisting of two types of shape energy – Primal and Given. I will begin with describing primal energy, which de-facto defines all our present reality at its foundations.

The primal energy of the shape is one that we can indicate with the maximum simplification of the selection of shapes and meanings. Let’s bring everything to the absolute minimum of the symbolism that surrounds us: the female symbol and the male symbol.

As everyone knows, our reality is based on dualism, that is, every thing has its two aspects – “male” and “female” – brightness and darkness, plus and minus etc. In computer science, the programming language is based on a binary code, ie one consisting of only two symbols: 1 and 0. From these two symbols, a very complex reality of virtual worlds can be created. Pay attention to the interesting coincidence of symbolism which I will describe in a moment. “1” resembles a vertical line and “0” a circle. This will be important in a moment.

The same applies to the duality of male and female energy, which we will express here in the energy of shape.

Most of you already guess, because we have it coded somewhere in us. What symbolizes female energy? Circle of course. And what symbolizes male energy? What can you draw in a simplified way to get a phallic symbol representing the male element? To one vertical line, one line.

So we have a circle and a straight line. When we think about it, our reality at the base is made of such shapes because everything around can be reduced to straight lines and curves resulting from a straight line and a circle.

Female energy and male energy are therefore expressed in shapes. The more rounded things have female energy and what has many sharp angles, is pointed, etc. it is the emanation of male energy.

Female energy which symbolizes us? Primary safety associated with staying in the womb, birth, love etc.

Because of that the circle in magic is a symbol of security. The circle is the designation of an individual space. Being in a circle, we are symbolically in the original mother’s womb if we bring the absolute foundations of symbolism to it.

Of course, the circle symbol over time has expanded to include many meanings associated with the original meaning. As a result, the circle has become a “sacred” symbol, because the female energy that gives a caring life was originally recognized as a sacred because everything originates from it.

Thanks to this original meaning, which gradually grew more and more to the rank of “sanctity” – today the circle is a universal magical symbol, that is, which has a strong primal meaning for our psyche in this subconscious which is crucial, because it also clings to collective experience and power all of humanity.

Male energy – phallic symbol – straight line. What is this symbol at its base?

Action, movement etc. To lead the line, we have to make a move from point A to B. It’s the way we travel, it’s the passage of time, and in result – change.

Straight line is like I said the phallic symbol at the most basic level. Humanity also quickly associated it with weapons – sword, spear, etc. Male energy, therefore, is the energy of action, violent energy, while feminine is the energy of toning, stabilizing energy, etc. Masculinity in symbolism is so visible and expressed throughout the history of mankind that there is no need to write about it more extensively. Come out in larger cities and see the skyscrapers… yes – male energy dominates the current reality.

So let us summarize: The original energy of the shape is the one that results from the primordial most basic associations. Circle = feminine energy, safety, designated personal space. Straight line = Action, movement, action, change of reality.

As a result, the symbols constructed from the above-described elements before we give them additional meaning – they have all the basic properties of the original shape energy described above. When you look around and you notice a combination of roundings and straight lines / sharp edges – you will see symbolic binary code of material reality – female and male energies expressed in shape.

Given Energy of Shape

The next step for humanity was to gradually give meaning to the complex shapes that we began to create from basic shapes.

So too with time different symbols were created expressing specific ideas.

The problem is that the more complex a symbol, the more meanings it can hold.

Let’s start with a simple example: Let us use the two straight lines described above as symbols of male energy, that is, the energy of action. Let’s cross two lines. We have a cross sign or an X sign depending only on what angle we will do – but this is not important here. It is important, however, that the X or cross symbol is a very primal symbol – expressing the intersection of two ideas, two actions – it indicates the point of interaction.

X on the map indicates the treasure, as we associate it with childhood and adventure stories right? Two intersecting lines are like two roads that cross each other. Each of them in a symbolic sense – someone travels. At the intersection of the line is the meeting point – something important then.

The crossing of two lines – the symbol they form – points to the “something important” intersection of two previously existing separately ideas, etc. And this is just the simplest symbol that we have created from just two lines. How many meanings, however, has this intersection been received in the course of time? How much attention did the humanity devote to this single symbol and the consideration of what it can express in the philosophical sense and therefore ideological for us?

With time, various symbols arose as we said and humanity began to give them meaning. If we stopped at this – everything would be simple – symbol = concrete meaning and so much.

However, it is not.

With time, meanings are gradually differently interpreted and transformed into other ones.

Under the influence of various motivations, often other meanings are also attributed to ancient symbols. For example, when fighting a competitive ideology, the meaning of its symbol is stigmatized as supposedly a symbol of something evil – although the intention of the creators of this symbol was completely different. There are many examples in the whole history of our species.

Energy of Shape and the collective psyche of humanity

However, what is important to us, both the original and the given meaning – over time becomes part of the collective, common information field stored in the subconscious mind of humanity. One name is a collective subconscious, others a mystical Akashic Chronicle, some others, the astral world, or species memory. Regardless of how we explain this phenomenon – the sensible fact is that at some level the human being is able to grasp both the Primal and the Given Energy of Shape on the subconscious level – and this has a very large impact on our essence.

We think that the symbols that surround us do not matter. However, they have a huge impact on us.

Symbols express ideas and these become part of us even at the subconscious level, which we then unknowingly implement, departments in some respect to it and pass on to next generations.

That’s what we often do not realize, and what radiesthesia can measure, and more sensitive people can feel – directly – it’s the fact that the symbols emanate – they emanate like radiation – the energy of the ideas that they express.

Whether it will have more or less importance for us depends on us – we either open ourselves to the ideas or block. Either we are attuned to the given ideas because we want them to exist in our lives, for example: abundance, love, magic, etc. or vice versa, we take a defensive posture. Thus, in the presence of a symbol, the question arises as to what attitude we have – whether we consider it a symbol supporting our intentions and ideas – or whether it is indifferent to us or even irritates us by representing ideas contrary to our system of values. For example, a person with extreme religious views will irritate the symbol of another religion and not support, the truth? By the same token, depending on our system of values and views and attitudes towards different ideas, we can choose and surround ourselves with symbols that will support our intentions, because they will be consistent with our energy and attitude. Of course, the key role here is to be conscious and consciously choose specific values, because as long as we live in a dream-state without paying attention to the symbols around us, they affect us on a level beyond our control. Only the conscious reference to them allows us to take control, by choosing consciously the values that are really important to us, and then we can start to consciously and effectively support ourselves with our chosen symbols.

Summary of the Energy of Shape and interpretation of the meaning of symbols

Finally, I want to clarify some issues in a simple way. Two things are crucial: First of all the most important thing is what a given symbol means for us. How do we choose to perceive it. For example, one person who sees a pentagram will choose to consider it a protective symbol and another one as a symbol of bad magic. We can not stop this other person from doing it – he of she will do so and it will be an unfavorable symbol for thos people, despite its original protective meaning. Because in the first place the most important filter of perception is our own choice of what a given symbol is for us.

The second issue that exists right next to it, is the issue of collective current beliefs about a given symbol.

Okay, our own attitude to a given symbol can be positive, but if the collective beliefs of humanity are strongly negative about this symbol, then it will not work for us too favorably. For example, no matter what attitude we would have had to the swastika symbol, which in simplified terms was initially a symbol that brings happiness, luck, a solar symbol – collective emotions and beliefs around it under the influence of using it is known by whom – they distorted the symbol and, unfortunately, seriously “polluted” his energy. Therefore, unfortunately, nothing helps the fact that it was once a positive symbol and someone will choose to treat it so – too strong collective beliefs about it appeared, which affects the properties of its energy.

Of course, some magical practices can enable one to cut off the influence of collective beliefs on a given symbol and to tune its original meaning during magical practices, but only to a limited extent. If we are going to publicly publicize with this symbol and people will associate it badly, no magic will help us to eliminate this effect and so the effect of wearing will be opposite to the intended one. Religious people often do not realize this fact, publicly flaunting their religious symbols, which they themselves consider to be positive and charitable – they often arouse negative emotions, whose energy reaches them and influences them.

Fortunately, in less extreme cases like large religious systems or symbols of some ideologies – different beliefs about the same symbol if they are not on such a scale do not affect the original property too much and the so-called white pentagram is still an effective protective symbol used in magic regardless of this that a few religious fanatics were claim something else about it.

To sum up – when creating and selecting symbols, we should take into account what this shape means for the the average person and with what meaning person can it associate. This is important, although depending on the situation with different strength depending on the strength of collective beliefs and emotions that are associated with these beliefs. In addition, there is a difference whether we work with the symbol in the comfort of our home or perform in public.

In summary: Energy of Shape is measurable and perceptible. It has a huge impact on our lives. Consciously referring to symbols and choosing to surround ourselves with symbols that are beneficial to us, makes us take over the reins and regain control over our lives consciously choosing the quality we want. Skilful maneuvering in the layers of meanings of symbols makes us able to choose the most favorable symbolism for us, the energy of which will effectively support us every day.

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